Steam for GNU/Linux has been around for a while now, and thanks to the efforst of Valve more and more games are been released to the open-source OS!

But since I’m a bit paranoid, I choose to install it at my $HOME folder, avoiding any unnecessary permissions (root-less installation).

I’ve been using it like this for quite a while, with no noticeable downside.


Steam on Linux


First, with the help of you distro package manager make sure the following dependencies are installed:

  • python
  • curl
  • jockey-common
  • libc6 (>= 2.15)
  • python-apt
  • xterm ou gnome-terminal ou konsole
  • xz-utils
  • zenity


Then, get the installer from the official site or download the .deb from Valve’s repository as pointed out in their github page1.

Copy the installer to a temporary folder (e.g.: ~/temp/), and extract it:

$ ar x steam.deb

Extract the data.tar.gz file:

$ tar xf data.tar.gz

Now extract Steam to it’s final destination folder (e.g.: ~/steam/):

$ tar xf ~/temp/usr/lib/steam/bootstraplinux_ubuntu12_32.tar.xz ~/steam/

Go to the directory ~/steam/ and execute Steam:

$ ./

In the first run all the necessary files will be downloaded and soon it will be ready for game!